Is your building using LED lighting yet?

If your property isn't using LED lighting yet, you're probably wasting thousands of dollars per year. Start today and take advantage of limited-time government rebates.

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How It Works?

Your lighting retrofit is a very important investment that should outlast your building - you should only need to do it once, so it's important that it's done correctly. Our experienced team plans and executes custom-tailored led lighting solutions specific to your property from start-to-finish.



We do a free site audit of the property. Afterward, we go through options with you, customize a solution, then pre-approve your rebates.



We perform the installation with minimum disruption to your occupants, and then perform our post-inspection.


Government Rebates

We complete the associated paperwork to submit for your government rebates and follow the process through until completion.



We monitor and present your energy savings, so you can see your investment returns. We routinely perform walk-throughs and quality control inspections.

We offer full-service end-to-end LED retrofit solutions.

Certified Products

We ensure our products high-quality, DLC and Energy Star certified, and elgibile for government rebates.

Rebate Handling

We take care of the rebate process for you, including submission, processing, and management.

Licensed Electricians

We have only highly skilled experts handling your project to ensure clean installation and proper disposal.


We offer industry-best 5 and 10-year warranties on all parts and services provided.

Payment Options

We offer allow you to pay with your savings

LED Retrofit Examples

The differences between before and after a SimplyLED lighting retrofit are amazing. You'll get much better quality lighting at a fraction of the cost of your old lighting.

Retrofit Testimonials

We've performed LED lighting retrofits for some of the largest property management companies in Canada, and we constantly receive positive feedback from our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've been doing LED lighting retrofits for over 12 years. We get a lot of questions about LEDs, lighting retrofits, etc. Here are some commonly asked questions.

Why should I upgrade to LED lighting?

LEDs have a much higher lumen/watt output than other lighting technologies, which allows us to gain the same light level by using a fraction of the wattage. Less wattage equals less cost.

How much will I save after an LED retrofit?

It depends on your current consumption. Contact us for a free site audit.

What are the government rebates offered?

The rebates offered are through the IESO and we obtain them for you on your behalf. Typically rebates cover 20-30% of the job cost.

How bright are the bulbs? Will it look the same as before?

With LEDs, you can control the light levels and colours of the products you choose to buy and we will make sure to use a product that meets your requirements.

How often do I need to change the bulbs/ballasts?

Our warranty is the best in the industry. We provide warranties up to 10 years.

What does the warranty cover?

We cover product failures, lumen deprecation, and any accompanying labour.

Do you offer financing options?

We offer upfront payment options as well as 1-5 year financing options.

What is a payback period?

A payback period refers to the exact amount of time that your original investment in the project is paid back due to the savings associated with the project. Typically, you will see a payback period between 1-3 years.

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